WOW! That was Great!

November 12th, 2011

From Fred:¬† I was worried that we had over-rehearsed the music; that we had “peaked too soon;” that you would be in a “just get it over with” mood. I was sooo wrong.

You had energy; determination; looked professional; sounded professional. I was showered with “thanks” afterward from Marci (Col. Marci?? – the first time I”ve been hugged by a high ranking military officer), Dr. Matthews, Johnathan, and more which I hereby pass on to you.

It started at 6:30. Peggy insisted that we did not need Johnathan (who had to stay in Schlesinger) to have a traditional run-through, and it had to be quick because Chris had to leave at 6:55 (same reason). Peggy gave us a marvelous imitation of Johnathan’s directing. The energy in our room stayed high after Chris left and fueled an Occupy Schlesinger mood. Fortunately Johnathan called to say we could have the whole balcony.

You were great hosts and hostesses up there, welcoming overflow guests into our midst.

You patiently waited downstairs when my guesses on timing were too conservative (the announcers kept talking and talking and talking). Thanks, Terri for restraining me from taking us on stage 10 minutes early. [Attack, take the high ground, damn the torpedoes, oops]

Keep all that energy and put it into rehearsing the beautiful music we will perform in less than 3 weeks.

I found a pair of gloves in the second row of our traditional Soprano section in Tyler when I closed up for the night. I’ll have¬† them with me on Tuesday night.

See you then.


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