Chorus Reminders and Schedule

November 11th, 2011

From Fred:  Dr. Matthews sends her deep appreciation for all the work and quality we have added to this festival. A good image is very important for every department in NVCC during difficult financial periods, especially Music. We not only want to be famous, we’d like to have that new, state of the art rehearsal hall.

1. The call is 6:30 tonight. We will have a brief warm up and run through and go over to Schlesinger about 7:10.

2. Pick up a program and follow it. (There is no intermission.)
– We will move from the balcony to the foyer during the 2 minute “They Shall Run and Be Free”
– Form 2 Choirs and move to the auditorium entrance doors and hold until the music for “Vacant Chair” starts
– Move down the outer aisles at a measured pace and onto the risers. Seated singers get a head start.

3. Important details
– Music in black folders, in your right hand, down at your side until it is time to sing.
– Once on the risers, turn your body to face the audience, not the stage. Smile.
– Raise and open your music when our director, Jonathan Kolm, directs us to raise it. Smile.
– Keep your music up and open after completing his work until he lowers his hands. Smile.
– Lower your music in your right hand. It will take several minutes to move the piano to the side. Smile.
– Raise and open your music when our band director, Dr. Matthews, gets on stage.
– Keep your music up and open at the end of “Hymn to the Fallen” & don’t move until she lowers her hands.
– Watch Peggy Harrison in Chorus 2 and Fred Wulff in Chorus 1. Do what they do.

Don’t talk or move about when you are on stage – or forming up.
Audiences judge the quality of a chorus by how its members behave as well as how they sing.
If someone near you is talking, please ask them to stop.

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