Dress Rehearsal

October 6th, 2011

From Stage Manager Fred:
Be at the Dress Rehearsal at 4:30 PM on Sunday. We may line up and go on stage before 5:00.

It appears that the concert begins with Bernstein’s Candide followed by his Chichester Psalms. The Candide Overture runs only 4 minutes so I suspect we will go on stage before the concert starts. If that is so, we will line up in (probably) 4 rows in the hall outside the auditorium, facing away from the auditorium, just like we always do.

Hopefully our risers will be set by 4:30 but we may be called on to get them off the truck and set them ourselves. I will need help putting out the folding chairs that are stored in racks in the stage left wings. Please be extra careful not to touch the kettle drums nor the bass viol

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