Dress Rehearsal 2

October 7th, 2011

From Stage Manager Fred:  The following information is from Ul James, Conductor of the WMP (with my comments)

Dress rehearsal will begin with Chichester Psalms at 5:00 PM on Sunday.
(We will line up, file on stage and warm up before 5:00.)

The concert program order on Oct. 16 is as follows:
– Bernstein Candide (4 minutes)
– Kolm – Orchestral Suite No. 1 (about 15 minutes)
– (chorus files on stage – 1 minute)
– Bernstein – Chichester Psalms (about 20 minutes)
– (standing ovation – 5 minutes – chorus files off)

– Intermission

Harris – Americana
Copland – Lincoln Portrait (With Kathy Harty Gray Dancers)

The “Call” for our concert is 2:00 PM for both concerts. Singers should expect to be on stage at 2:00 PM, properly dressed and ready to sing.

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