Black Folders

October 6th, 2011

From Stage Manager Fred:  It is best to have a rigid, black, non slip cover for your music so that it is easy to hold with one hand while you turn pages with the other. Here are some ways to have a cover:
1.    Have Kinkos replace the white cover and binding with a black cover and spiral.  Don’t do this to the Rachmannov since we just might use that with its own blue cover.
2.    Buy a choral folder from Foxes Music that comes with elastic bands to hold your music in the folder. The cost for the small one is about $10, but you can use it over and over for free. The large choral folder is about $20 and will get in your way because we will be so packed on the risers.
3.    Buy a plain folder from Staples or Office Depot and use long black rubber bands around the hinge to hold your music. You can substitute a black bra strap for the rubber bands since long black rubber bands are hard to find.
4.    Buy a black 3-ring binder to hold your music and punch the 3 holes yourself or have them punched at Staples, Office Dept or Kinkos. The 3 holes punched or drilled in your music will invade only the edge of the printed music

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