Stage Instructions for Bishop Ireton

April 15th, 2011

From Stage Manager Fred: We have done this drill many times so it should be a “no brainer.”

We will be on the risers to warm up and rehearse at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday. Music will be at your side in your left hand until Peggy brings up her music. Smile.
Arrive by 1:45. Leave your coat in your car (best) or the band rehearsal room.

1:50: form up in the hall facing AWAY from the auditorium.
An experienced singer should be on the end of each row.
1:55: move to the stage entrances.
The left (Alto) end of the top row (4), followed by row 2, will move to the stage right entrance via the band room. – Remember: Don’t touch the tympani !!

Row 3: Right end (sopranos) will then peel around and move to the stage left entrance. Row 1 will follow.

– We may move on stage while the orchestra is still rehearsing.
– There will be a minimum number of chairs on each side of the stage.
– We may have a row of singers in front of the risers. If so, they will move on stage from stage left.
During the first part of the concert we will sit in seats on the right side of the back/upper rows in the audience Once the 3rd. movement has started, we will silently file out of our seats and form up in the hall. Use both the exit behind the top row and the side entrance.

See you there.

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