Messiah Sing-a-Long

April 16th, 2011

From Fred: I know that by Easter Sunday, the Beethoven 9th. will be firmly stuck in my head. Even though I’ll sing a “bang up” Easter program at my church (tympani, brass, etc.), when that joy dies away I’ll still hear “FREUDA!” when it’s quiet.

There is a remedy. Sing, or just experience “The Messiah,” with none other than Reilly Lewis, a full orchestra, professional soloists and a church full of singers. No rehearsal! There ‘s even a concert for entertainment for early arrivals at 7:00.

(this note states that they will sing Part One except they always sing Parts 2 & 3 at Easter… ?)

Get there by 6:45 to get parking close to the church. Look around in the church for your friends and go sit with them and enjoy the concert. Don’t have a copy of Messiah? Borrow one or look on with a friend .


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