Staging Notes

March 12th, 2011

(3/10/2011) From Fred:  I will back up this note from Barry Hemphill and his stage manager, Marsha Glover (2-page .pdf), with 2 or more Email notes of my own.

Your  “performance” during last night’s demanding rehearsal was superb. Everyone had black folders or covers. All were early enough for us to improve the seating arrangement several times. I kept wishing that we were wearing chorus tee shirts so our competence would get proper credit. Keep it up and always be early.

One thing needs improvement: Chatter. It was always the same few individuals. Your commentary and opinions are unwelcome and prevent the rest of us from hearing important instructions from our several bosses. If someone needs to know the page & measure number, show them your book, don’t tell them. Set the example for those other chorus members.

(3/12/2011) Update: From Fred:  I’ve annotated and in one case corrected (.pdf) the sit/stand instructions from Marsha Glover

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