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March 10th, 2011

(3/10/2011) From Fred:  To all singers who were at orchestra rehearsals this week:
We have a problem because we can not squeeze enough chairs on stage to seat everyone at the performance. We are working on solutions but need some information

Send me a return message only if:
1. You will NOT be singing Verdi on Saturday
2. You will NOT be singing Verdi on Sunday.
Keep it simple. For example:
“I will not sing Verdi on Saturday.

(Update 3/10/2011) From Dr. Whitmire:  Dear Singers- Greetings from Chicago! I am hearing some wonderful choirs, and the weather isn’t too bad!

There were a number of singers who missed an orchestral rehearsal this week. Most absences were not excused. I am very disappointed.  If for ANY reason you missed both rehearsals, you may NOT sing the concert.

Also- As you know, the logistics of this concert have become very difficult. Therefore, I must  request that all singers who cannot sing BOTH concerts opt out altogether. Divising two different seating plans is not tenable. I know this is very disappointing and I am sorry, but I have no choice.

Fred and the section leaders will let me know to whom this applies.

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