Rehearsal Notes

March 8th, 2011

From Fred:  Chorus,

Black folders or black covers for your music are required for the next rehearsal – Wednesday, March 9 and the two performances.

Black chorus folders are usually available at Foxes Music: 416 South Washington Street, Falls Church. Phone 703-533-7393.

An alternative is to have your music bound in a black folder. Check with your section leader for advice on this.

Be on stage, ready to sing before the following times:

7:00 PM Wednesday for rehearsal with orchestra and soloists.
7:00 PM Saturday for the performance, in concert dress
2:00 PM Sunday for the performance, in concert dress

I will look for a place for us to store our coats on Saturday and Sunday. In any case, it will probably not be secure. Be sure to leave valuables in your locked car if you cannot keep them on your person.

[More]  You can have your music spiral bound with black covers at Staples, Office Depot and at what was once called Kinkos off Rt. 7 in the Leesburg Pike Plaza. A stiff cover is better than a flimsy cover if you have an option.

Arrive early at rehearsals and the performance to get the best seat – or any seat at all.

Turn pages silently. Stand and sit silently. You can paperclip together those places where we do not sing such as pgs. 65-80; 101-124 and 157-166. Just smile while enjoying the paid singers performance.

Remember to set your clocks ahead on Saturday night or Sunday morning because of the change to Daylight Savings.   (you will get sooo tired of hearing this)

You can exit the stage via the stage right and stage left wings as an alternative to plowing through the audience, should there be an emergency or you just want to get home quickly. There is a hall off the stage right wings that will wisk you back to the restrooms in the lobby or onto the loading dock in an emergency. There is an emergency exit door in the back hall off the stage left wings.

Do we have a party at Clydes after the performance(s)?

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