Verdi Seating

March 11th, 2011

From Fred:  NOVA Chorus was tasked with providing at least their share of singers who must stand alongside the seated singers during our two concerts. Mark is away at a conference in Chicago, so we are on our own with this. Make your reply to your section head rather than reply to this note. Note: Debbie P. is not available on Email on weekends.

18 of our Altos will organize themselves into 9 pairs of singers. Each pair will split the task of standing by swapping during the intermission. Your list is at the end of this note.

I need volunteers on a similar scale for the rest of our sections (.pdf). Work with your section leader now so that we can make our selections during the 10 minutes BEFORE the Call on Saturday. That’s at 6:50 PM Saturday. Be early. Remember – coats upstairs or in your car.

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