Judas Maccabaeus

July 29th, 2010

From Fred: Kate has posted my MP3 files of the following parts of Judas Maccabaeus:

1 Overture
4 For Sion lamentation make
19, 20, 21 Lead on & Disdainful
25 & 26 Hear us O Lord & Fall’n is the foe
34 Hail Judea, happy land (You’ll probably recognize this tune)
48 & 49 Never bow down
58 Sing unto God
65 Hallelujah, Amen (yep, another Hallelujah Chorus – well… it’s Handel)

Download and enjoy.

PS: Look up Judas Maccabaeus in Wikipedia if you have not already done so.
A really interesting history lesson.

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