Judas Maccabaeus

July 29th, 2010

(7/28/2010) From Fred:

There were 30 copies of Judas Macabaeus were on the campus book stores this morning. I told the clerk we’ll probably need 70 more.

I found the rehearsal tracks that Mark recommended download as MIDI format. You can drag those MIDI files over to iTunes and they’ll play fine if you have a player such as Quicktime in your computer. More interesting is that iTunes will convert the MIDI files to MP3 files which you can copy into your iPOD or equivalent.

You can also go to Youtube.com and play 10 of our choruses on your computer in full up chorus and orchestra performances. It is clumsy at best to find them but you get an idea of the glorious sound when it is performed.

I am experimenting with the audio I have mined from youtube and hope to make MP3 files from them. If all goes well, they can be on our web site soon.

– MIDI Rehearsal tracks of Judas Maccabaeus are here:


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