Men’s Concert Dress

March 4th, 2010

(3/3/2010) From Stage Manager Fred:

Men – wear black tuxedos, shoes, socks, bow tie, white dress shirt for the performance.

Do not wear a tux to the “DRESS REHEARSAL – only the performance.

Music must be in a black folder or equivalent. I encourage using smaller folders since we will be tightly packed on the risers. Foxes Music in Falls Church is the best place I know of.

Use your folder NOW to practice with it before the dress rehearsal.

If you don’t own a black tux you might borrow or rent one.

If you expect to be with us for awhile longer, buy one.

A temporary alternative is a black dress suit that looks like a black tux from the audience.

I use a standard white dress shirt rather than a formal, frilled tux shirt. (comfort, cost, etc.)

I also prefer a black bow tie that goes around your neck rather than a clip-on. (won’t fall off)

Use good judgment about cuff links, etc. We are there to sing, not show off.

[Admin note: See Frequently Used Document Performance Tips (.pdf), for great information.]

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