From Dr. Whitmire

March 2nd, 2010

Dear Singers-

Tonight is our 6th rehearsal of Spring 2010!

We have only one more Tuesday rehearsal (3/16) before our Dress Rehearsal with orchestra (3/21). Please keep working hard.

Full Rehearsal (SATB) this Sat. March 6. Please plan to attend. This ha been on your schedule since January: Opera Choruses

Next Tuesday, March 9- No Rehearsal (college closed). I encourage you to get together in groups and get some good work done.

Donations to the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic will be collected at our March 16 rehearsal. I hope everyone can contribute at least the $10 you saved on your Carmina CD.

Rehearsal Schedule

Opera We will rehearse all six opera choruses at each rehearsal

Carmina: Tonight – 18, 10, Next Rehearsal – 8, 9

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