From Dr. Whitmire

January 6th, 2010

Update 2 (1/6/10) From Dr. Whitmire: Victoria reports that she went to the book store around 10:30 AM this morning and purchased the books with no problem.

Update 1 (1/6/10) From Chorister Jane: I can report that I purchased on-line for in-store pickup late on Monday, and got an e-mail yesterday (Tuesday) that I could pick it up today (Wednesday).

(1/5/10) Dear Singers- Happy New Year! Our music is in the bookstore: “Opera Choruses” and “Carmina Burana.” I have rehearsal CDs for the Opera Choruses. If you would like to pick one up, let me know and I will put it on my office door (At108). You can pay the $10 later. I also have Brahms Requiem Cds if you didn’t get one already. I look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.


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