Sheet Music

January 7th, 2010

(1/6/10) From Fred:

Das Patania

Poitye pyessni slvyi

Slava, Slava, Slava, Slava, …etc.

If you sang the all Russian program with us awhile ago you already own the thick, red covered, Opera Choruses book, edited by John Rutter that we’ll use for the all Italian concert.

Same goes for Carmina Burana if you sang our opening concert for the Schlesinger Center.

The rehearsal CD is set up so the first 10 tracks are note learning and the next 7 or so is the performance version.

Based on my Bass CD

Track 1, wedding = pg. 107, Donizetti, Lucia di Lammermoor

Track 2, Scottish (refugees) = pg. 260

3 = pg. 291

4 = pg. 292 (Tracks 5 – 8 you’ll have to extrapolate from the measure numbers)

9 = Pg. 253

10= Pg. 107 (beginning of the performance versions)

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