From Dr. Whitmire

April 24th, 2009

(4/22/2009) Dear Singers –

Thanks for all your calls and expressions of concern related to my recent bad health. Thanks to Chris and Nick for carrying on in my stead on Tuesday.

Fred called to say that folks would like a status report. Personally, I am not so sure you want too much medical information of this sort. But since I always do what Fred suggests, here goes:

<Edited for privacy>… Today I am back home and writing to you courtesy of Ozycontin [sic]. In the morning I return to the hospital… Shortly after that I expect to be good as new…

I fear that all this seems very self-indulgent. I know many folks deal with health issues that are so much more worrisome than mine. I also know that very few people enjoy the support and loving-kindness that I recieve. I am very thankful.


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