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From Dr. Whitmire, France

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Dear Friends- Here is my final report on our concert tour of France. Feel free to use this material in the upcoming weeks as you see fit. I have attached photos as wells as You tube links.

Dr. Mark Whitmire (Professor-MUS, AL) led a concert tour of France from July 1 until July 12, 2010. The choir consisted singers from the NOVA Community Chorus (NVCC-AL) and from St. James’s Church, Richmond. The tour began with a service at the American Cathedral in Paris on July 4. In the following days the choir sang three concerts—at Chartres Cathedral, Rouen Cathedral, and at La Madeleine in Paris. Each concert was attended by large, enthusiastic crowds. The culminating event of the tour was the 11:30 a.m. International Mass at Notre Dame Cathedral, where the choir sang the Solemn Mass in C# minor of  Louis Vierne, with Notre Dame  organist Olivier Latry.

Videos of rehearsals at Rouen Cathedral and Notre Dame can be found on Youtube:
keywords: vierne kyrie notre dame
keywords: cantique rouen

[Photos on Yahoo Groups:]

Additional photos can be found on Facebook!/group.php?gid=139434259416351&ref=ts
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