Fifth Rehearsal Preview

February 7th, 2017

From Dr. Whitmire: Welcome to our 5th rehearsal of 2017.

These things shall be. I have 10 more.

The bookstore now has 10 more copies of Earth is our mother. If you have a photocopy, please purchase a real copy.

Thanks to the Women who had a great rehearsal on Saturday. This Saturday I see MEN at 11:00 am

Facebook – At 6:30 tonight Kris with a K will show us how to best use Facebook as a promotional tool.


Water Night Chorus Women – In hopes to make the divisi less complicated, I have divised this plan. As you see, each group is divided into 2 parts, high and low. At the occasional times there are 5 parts, I have put one skilled singer on the lowest part. I realize that many of you are not singing the part you sang last week, but let’s give this a try.
2 parts = 1, 2
3 parts = 1H, 1L, 2
4 parts = 1H, 1L, 2H, 2L
5 parts = 1H, 1L, 2H, 2L, * singing the lowest note
[See e-mail for list of names]

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