Second Rehearsal Preview

January 17th, 2017

From Dr. Whitmire: Welcome to NOVA Community Chorus. It is going to be a great season.

Thanks to the MEN who had a great reeharsal on Saturday. This Saturday I see WOMEN at 11:00 am

Sheetmusic (Please have your music at all rehearsals)

Earth is our mother (I hope to get more copies today. I have made a few photocopies, in case.)

Wade in the water

Sicut Cervus (.pdf)

Water Nights (if you intend to audition, google ‘Water nights pdf’ to get sheetmusic. Then google ‘Water nights Whitacre’ and leaning tracks will come up on Youtube.

[Admin: As rehearsal tracks, recordings and sheet music files become available, they are posted to the music files page, listed on the tab above.]

If you are new, pick up

Worksheets (.pdf)

Schedule (.pdf)

Rehearsal CDs for all our music are available ($5 cash or check to NVCC Foundation). Rehearsal Tracks will be at for free.


Senior Registrations-Thanks to all who registered as paying students. If you are registered as a non-paying senior, please consider making a donation to NVCC Foundation in lieu of tuition. Donations of any amount are appreciated. Make checks to NVCC Foundation.

Please try not to be absent. If you miss more than two rehearsals during preparation for a concert, you will be asked to audition to demonstrate preparedness.

Sing Well – DrW

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