Vocal Workshops

November 11th, 2016

From Chorister Jane: Guest Musician and Director Donald Milton, III will be offering 2 exciting workshops on Saturday, November 19.. 12:30 – 3:00pm in the Sanctuary of the Unitarian Church of Arlington. (corner of Rt 50 and George Mason Dr)


Singing is Easy.
As singers we have a tendency to get into our own heads and make singing more difficult than it should be. In this workshop Donald Milton III, Director of Music at the UU Congregation of Atlanta and long time voice teacher, will talk about some of the common tensions we add when we “work” to sing and give you tips on how to sign with a richer, more open, more in tune sound while increasing vocal stamina and enjoyment. We’ll also take an in depth look at our vocal mechanism and learn how to get our of our own way and make singing EASY!

The Second Voice Change: The Aging Voice
Our voices never stop changing throughout our lives and aging can have a major effect on our vocal stamina, our range, and our tone. We will explore how to deal with these changes to maintain a strong and healthy singing voice throughout our whole lives. This workshop is geared towards singers 55 and over but is open to any inquiring minds.

There will be a small registration fee of $10 per workshop/$20 for both.

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