More Dress Rehearsal Information

October 20th, 2015

From Alto Section Leader Debbie: Here is a more detail about what the women should wear for concerts. We do not have a specific dress/outfit to purchase but do ask that you get as close as possible to the following:

Women: Black, preferably matte finish, not shiny.
Options – Floor length (to the ankle/top of the shoe) dresses or separates (top with floor length skirt or formal dress slacks).
Neckline – Modest, unadorned “V” neckline. No ruffles, no flounces, no collar, no cleavage.

Sleeves – Long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves.

Black shoes with black hosiery.

Accessories – Jewelry should be unobtrusive-modest, not flashy.


Two valuable websites with answers to a lot of questions are (links at right of page):




Tonight is for placement and sound on the stage. Wear whatever is comfortable. Concert dress required on the night of the concert.

Thanks. The alto section is doing a great job and I think Dr Whitmire is VERY happy with our performance.

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