Music Enrollment

August 18th, 2015

From Dr. Whitmire: Dear Singers,
I am afraid that courses I love (maybe you, too) are going to get cancelled this week. My thanks to those choristers who have registered, especially those seniors who have enrolled as paying students. Here are the choristers that I have on my roles.

MUS 198 Vocal Seminar 4- Pat, Peggy, Teri, Mary S

MUS 121 Music Appreciation (World Music) 2- Marion, Debbie

MUS 131/132 – 0 choristers have enrolled (and this is a singing class!)

I know were are all in summer mode, but I hope you can take off you RayBans long enough to enroll.


PS. Remember- You can drop any course for two weeks with a full refund.

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