First Rehearsal!

August 18th, 2015

From Dr. Whitmire: Dear Singers,

Our first rehearsal is just one week away. I am very excited!

Attached is some material (.pdfs) that you will need. Most of this is on Blackboard as well.
Chorus Schedule (including Saturday rehearsals)
Interval Drills
-Bach: Ein feste Burg, BWV movement 1 and movement 8 (copy breaths and rehearsal letters into your score)
-Bach translations

Ein feste Burg
Numbers 1, 5 and 8 will be sung by all.
Numbers 2 (bass), 3 (bass), 4 (soprano) and 6 (tenor) will be sung by soloists selected by audition.
Numbers 2 (sopranos) and 7 (altos and tenor) will be sung by a small group selected by audition.

1. Chorus ALL SING
2. duet (solo bass and auditioned sopranos
3. Recitative (solo bass)
4. Aria (solo soprano)
5. Chorale ALL SING
6. Recitative (tenor)
7. Duetto (alto, tenor)
8. Chorale ALL SING

I will be on campus tomorrow 8/19 and will have CDs of Bach and Handel ($5 total). I’ll put some on my door (AT 108) in the morning.



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