Rehearsal Preview

April 1st, 2014

From Dr. Whitmire:
Dear Singers-
Check out these videos of Sunday night.. I only had time to watch movement 1, but it sounded pretty good!
See you tonight. Please don’t be absent.


From Larry Ries:
Hi everyone,

Thought you might like to see videos of last Sunday’s performance of Sea Surface. Click on the Watch Videos link in the box below, and when prompted for a password, copy and paste


into the password field.

FYI: Parts 1, 2, & 3 were filmed with my camera on a tripod. Parts 4 & 5 were filmed by my wife with a handheld camera. I screwed up and didn’t capture parts 4 & 5 with my camera. That’s why you’ll see some differences in the videos.

To Play the Videos: You can see the title of each video by hovering your mouse over the thumbnail on the landing page. Click on each thumbnail to start Playback (ignore the “Slideshow” bar at the top) You can make the video full screen after you click on the “play” arrow by clicking on the rightmost icon at the bottom of the playback window.

Thanks again to everyone for a wonderful world premiere!


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