Concert Instructions

April 5th, 2014

From Dr. Whitmire: Dear Singers-
-Tomorrow’s rehearsal begins at 2 pm. Please arrive by 1:45 pm so that you are ready to take the stage.
-All who are able please position yourselves on the risers as last Sunday. (Sopranos stage right; men in center with tenors forward; altos stage left.)
Singers on the risers will stand throughout (we will not try to get up and down as I had said).
-There will be one row of chairs in front of the risers for sitters. There will also be a row of chairs stage right (in front of the west transept) for sitting sopranos; sitting altos will sit in the east transept (behind the double basses)
-With Cherry Blossoms tomorrow I imagine I will arrive after 3 pm. So I need everyone to be a problem solver. Listen to Matt and Francisco when extra guidance is needed.
Matt and Francisco- Please arrive as early as you can to make sure chairs are in place.
-After the rehearsal we will go to the Parish Hall and remain until we go on.
-You have worked very hard to bring this new music to life. Let’s not let the logistics distract us from making music.

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