Audio Files from Tuesday’s Concert

March 2nd, 2014

From Dr. Whitmire: Check this out!!! You guys are awesome!

From Ayal Sharon: Profs. Whitmire, Kocur, and Galvan:

I been having problems with my video editing software (which keeps crashing), so I did edited the audio from Tuesday’s concert instead.

I’ve uploaded the songs and speeches (but not the tap dancing or the play) to the following link on the SoundCloud web site:

I’ve turned off the ability to download the songs as mp3 files, but if you want the mp3s I can send them to you.

I tried to keep my edits to a minimum, but some of the speakers and chamber singers were so quiet that I had to increase the volume. I know this ruined the dynamics, but otherwise it would have been inaudible.

I was also tempted to compress some of the drum sounds, but ended up leaving that as-is.


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