Stage Instructions

October 9th, 2013

From Fred: 1. When Chris and David have finished their part of the concert we will will form up in front of the elevator the same way as on stage but facing TOWARD the elevator. Once we are ready to go onstage, we will turn to our left. The rear row will move down the hall to the stage right (closest) entrance and go up onto the risers. The next row will follow them and the next and so on until we are all on stage. (I’d like to practice this when we go on stage at 6:30 if practical.)

2. We should minimize the amount of disturbance and time this takes. If you need to use the toilet before going on stage, use it well before this break rather than when we gather to process onto the stage. Pick a seat near the aisle so you can get to the gathering spot without having to climb over some of our guests. Yes, it is better to be near the rear exit door rather than down front; but this is not a requirement at this time.

3. We don’t have a secure place to store purses in Schlesinger or any of our venues. Your car is the best place. We may have an opportunity to store them in our rehearsal room but that has not been established.

4. The following is a recommendation to avoid turning several pages of music to find the page you will use next.

I use a paperclip to gather each group of pages that I won’t sing during this concert. For example, I clip the last page of #2 to the last page of #6. When we finish singing #2 and it is time to lower our music; I put a finger on the page that I will sing next (#7) close the book and lower it. My book will automatically open at the first page of #7 when I raise my music. No page shuffling required.

Fred Wulff, Stage Mgr.

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