Lyric Diction for Singers

August 12th, 2013

From: Cara Cammaroto, Voice Faculty
Subject: Lyric Diction for Singers this Fall!

This Fall we are very happy to be offering Lyric Diction for Singers!

The desire to have a diction overview course has been expressed by many voice majors past and present as well as the voice faculty.

Currently, NVCC voice students “parrot” the pronunciation given to them by their private teachers.

Voice departments teach lyric diction in order to train singers on just how to handle the major languages for the art song, opera & oratorio repertoire.

But….we need your help for this to become a reality. We need to get 8-10 students enrolled prior to the start of the fall semester, or the class will be dropped.

I know many of you wait to register or register late for a variety of reasons, but please register early for this course, so we can keep it as an offering that you all need and want whether you are working towards a  AA, AAA or both.

Please see the overview below for a course description. In addition to learning the IPA and pronunciation rules,  will have several performance days with an accompanist for each of the languages.

Lyric Diction for Singers MUS 195 Section 002A    Mondays 5:15-7:05 PM Tyler Building 131

Lyric Diction for Singers

This is an overview course designed to teach voice students the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols and rules of pronunciation.

IPA is a phonetic alphabet used for all languages by singers. Emphasis will be placed on Italian, German & French lyric diction.

The course will focus on the specific rules for singing, which can differ from that of spoken dialogue.

Students will learn how to use this crucial skill in preparing and performing pieces in the above mentioned languages.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

Looking forward to working with you !

Cara Cammaroto
Voice Faculty, NVCC/Alexandria


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