Sunday’s Chorus Lineup

March 23rd, 2013

From Stage Manager Fred: Arrive in the main hall of Bishop Ireton HS auditorium before 2:00 PM on Sunday.

We will line up in four (4) rows in the main hall of Bishop Ireton HS at 2:00 PM facing toward the stage. We will arrange ourselves just as we intend to lineup on stage. Sopranos will be to your right, altos to your left, men in the center with tenors in the first two rows and basses in the back two rows.

There will be a fifth row of singers who will be seated in chairs in front of the risers with sopranos, men and altos in the same layout. I plan to have these singers process on ahead of the four standing rows.

We will go up on the risers at 2:10 PM according to our plans.

Remember that we will be dressed in formal wear. If you have any questions as to what to wear, contact your section leader.

Lock up your valuables in your car or otherwise keep them on your person (fanny pack, etc.). We do not have lockers for secure storage. You can leave coats in the rehearsal hall behind the stage.


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