Black History Month Celebration

March 22nd, 2013

From Dr. Whitmire: Dear Colleagues-

I must report that the Black History Month Celebration on February 27 was one of the most compelling events of my 28 year tenure at NOVA. There were many musical, artistic and spiritual reasons that I was moved by the event. It is always gratifying to see so many students pouring out their hearts to celebrate the richness of our diverse culture. But the most meaningful thing of all for me was working so closely with my faculty colleagues. Each of them was 100% committed to making the event successful. My thanks to

Joe Windham  (History) who brought Frederick Douglass to life
Lucy Holsonbake (Communications Studies and Theater) who served as MC and read Maya Angelou
Angela Terry (NOVA Studio) who worked with students on the program, poster and projection
Kathy Harty Gray who choreographed the dancers
Elizabeth Bull (French) and Agnes Malicka (ESL) who sang in the chorus
Britt Conley who took photographs
John Kocur (Music) who directed NOVA Jazz Ensemble and played the sax
Christine Hagan (Music) who played piano

Please take a moment to open the attachment (.pdf).

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