Tenth Rehearsal Preview

November 20th, 2012

From Dr. Whitmire: Welcome to our 10th rehearsal of Fall 2012! Please sign in.

Tickets – See your Section Leader. I hope that each singer will sell five tickets at $10 each (Half price). Cash or checks to WMPA.

– Post them everywhere. Send them electronically to everyone you know.

Thanks to all who attended rehearsal with the orchestra on Sunday. The tempos that I took are the same as on the recording I gave you. Work with your recording.

-Sat. 11/24 No Rehearsal
-Tues. 11/27 Music Majors Final Exam
-Sat. 12/1 Full Rehearsal             Please do not miss this rehearsal
-Sun. 12/2, 3:00 pm Concert, 1:30 pm Call, Epiphany
-Tues. 12/04, 7:30pm, Dress Rehearsal for 12/06 Concert, Schlesinger
-Thurs. 12/06, 7:30 pm Concert, 6:30 pm Call, Band/Chorus Concert, Schlesinger
-Sat. 12/8 Full Rehearsal
-Sunday 12/9, 3:00 pm Concert, 2:00 pm Call, with the WMPO, Bishop Ireton HS

Hallelujah Chorus
We will sing the Hallelujah  Chorus with the band at our 12/06 concert. A PDF is attached. If you do not own a Messiah score, please print it and bring to rehearsal. Here is a link to learning tracks: http://www.anselm.edu/abbey/choir/hallelujah.htm

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