Sunday Traffic

October 27th, 2011

From Peggy:  FYI, the bottom line seems to be that 14th Street will reopen at 1:15pm

From Chorister Carol: Peggy,  You may want to share the part of this FAQ I found on the Marine Corps Marathon site about the 14th street bridge with the chorus members…
Do I need a qualifying time to participate?
You do not need a qualifying time for “The People’s Marathon.” Every runner must be 14 years of age or older on October 30, 2011. All runners must maintain a 14-minute per mile pace to complete the “Guantlet” and to “Beat the Bridge”. The “Guantlet” is located at mile marker 17.5, at the intersection of Madison Drive and 14th Street NW. Runners who fall behind the tail end vehicle will be turned at the “Guantlet” towards “Beat the Bridge” and allowed to unofficially complete the remainder of the course. All runners must reach 14th Street Bridge (just before mile marker 20) by 1:15 pm. At that time, the street will reopen to vehicular traffic. If a runner does not reach the 14th Street Bridge on time, he or she will have to board a straggler’s bus which will take them to the finish festival. It is strongly advised to board the straggler bus but if a runner decides to continue on, they must stay on the sidewalks and are responsible of their own safety

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