Civil War Concert: Help Needed

October 31st, 2011

From Fred:

This note is from Dr. Wendy Matthews, Assistant Dean of Music, to the staff in our part of this campus. It asks for help running the concert. We singers probably cannot both sing and help with the jobs listed below but we may have spouses and friends that can.

(Hmmmm… Warm-up and Assistant for NOVA Chorus?)

From Wendy Matthews:  Hi Everyone:

As you heard we are involved in a huge Multi-media concert on Nov. 11 (Friday). This involves over 150 of our music students. This is a collaboration between the History, Design, Photography and Music Department. 5 of the pieces will have multi-media components, Chris Hagan will be performing, as well as the Arlington Children’s Chorus and the Denny Edelbrock on Civil War cornet.

We already have over 300 tickets being held at will call. We need some volunteers to help this concert run smoothly. I hoping that some of you can help us and/or have students that can help. Below are a list of jobs we need. Please let me or Jonathan know if you can help out. Also, please encourage your students to attend this event. Thanks! -W

Assistant to the house manager
Will Call tickets (20)
Ticket takers (4)
Ushers (4)
Stage Manager
Children’s Chorus Manager
Warm-up and Assistant for NOVA chorus
Assistant to the conductor

Thanks -W


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