Sunday Parking

October 29th, 2011

From Fred:  This is from the spokesperson of the WMP, Shenya Nicole Burt, who makes all the announcements for the orchestra. I will arrange to pick up enough stickers at intermission and distribute them to you in the Parish Hall. So, stick around a little while and save $8.


From Sheyna:  Hi People
Hopefully, you’re surviving Snowmaggedon – Halloween Edition – safely curled up with a good book/adult beverage.  Excuse the interruption, but I have a hot-off-of-the-presses update for you regarding parking on Sunday.

We just received word from the good people at PMI (the garage next to Epiphany) that they will honor the previously negotiated discounted rate of $8.  I spoke to an executive with the company and the attendant that will be on duty tomorrow afternoon and we should be good to go.  The front of house will have stickers for you to apply to the face of the parking ticket, but allow me to reiterate Ul’s admonition about waiting until intermission to retrieve your sticker.  In my capacity as Board President, I have granted to WMP’s volunteers a shoot to kill order for any musicians who harass them too early.

You have been warned.

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