Note for Altos

September 8th, 2011

From Alto Section Leader Debbie:  Good morning.  Ellie responded to a question from Halina and Jane about Tuesday’s rehearsal and I thought we could all profit from her answer:

From Ellie:  Here’s what I was trying to remember earlier:
We are not singing Rach. 7, 9, 10, 15.
Rach. 5,6,13,18 are to be done by audition and music majors are required to audition.
He’s aware that the recording for A1 for 13 is truncated at the first page.
Rach 3, stop at the end of the 4th bar on top system, page 19, before “Gospodi.”
He didn’t say it explicitly but implied the double chorus No. 14 will also be by audition. He didn’t say how it would be divided.
He also wants the music majors to populate the front row of each section.
Chichester: learn pages 27-20 for sure before next rehearsal.
Men’s extra rehearsal is this weekend.

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