Rehearsal Handouts

August 31st, 2011

Here are the handouts from the August 30, 2011 rehearsal (.pdf files):
Schedule, 2 pages

Exercises: Chords, Count Singing, Intervals, Note Names, Key Signatures OR All 4 pages

Chichester Psalms: I – Rhythm (changing meters), II – Rhythm, III – Pitch (changing key center), III – Rhythm and Harmony OR All 4 pages

Rachmaninoff: #3 Rhythm (simple meter) and Harmony (2 pages), #4 Rhythm, Compound Meter, #12 Pitch OR All 4 pages

Reminder: Frequently Used Documents are always linked on the right side of the page:
Info for New Members (Great refresher for current members, too)
Dr. W’s Choral Singing Tips
Performance Guidance (includes concert dress guidelines)
Join the Chorus

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