Survival Tips for New Singers

December 7th, 2010

From Stage Manager Fred:


Metro: This church is ½ block from Metro Center.

By Car: If you come over the 14th. Street bridge, continue into town until you get to G street. Turn right and you’ll see this church in the middle of the block on your left. Many of us use the underground parking garage next door to your left as you face the church. The charge is probably still $8 dollars if you pick up a voucher from the WMP table in the church and $16 if you forget. One of us will usually grab several vouchers and bring them into the Parish Hall where we will gather. Be sure you keep the voucher and the parking ticket in a safe and accessible place. Don’t attempt to pay by credit card. It could cost you $32 and hold up all the people waiting to leave the parking garage.

Parish Hall: When you arrive at the church before 2 PM for the pre concert warmup take your coat and “stuff” to the Parish Hall, a gathering place behind the Altar. Our risers and the orchestra’s chairs should already in place behind the prayer rail.

Bathrooms: There are two very small bathrooms down the right hand hall. There are larger bathrooms upstairs which you can reach via the stairs at the back of this hall.

This is a public space so leave as much as you can in your locked car.

SCHLESINGER CENTER: (Tuesday and Thursday nights)

We will (probably) gather by section in the front rows of the auditorium. Altos to the right, Sopranos to the Left and the men in the middle. The risers will be in front of the stage just in front of these rows.

There are public toilets in the lobby near the elevators. There are separate dressing rooms for men and women behind the stage where you can leave your stuff on the night of the performance. As always, it is safer to leave purses, etc. in your locked car.

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