From Dr. Whitmire

December 7th, 2010

Dear Singers- What a wonderful job you did last night! You have never sounded better. What a treat it is that we get to singing this music two more times.

If, for any reason, you did not attend last night’s concert, please send me an explanation. If you told me about it in advance, please send me a reminder.

Tomorrow’s rehearsal is in Schlesinger at 7:30 pm. The riser arrangement from Sunday should work. The program is only 25 minutes.

Selections from
Judas Maccabaeus
G. F. Handel

Duet: Come ever smiling liberty!
Peggy Harrison, soprano; Carol Pelenberg, alto
Chorus: Lead on

Duet: Sion now her head shall raise
Terri LaGoe soprano; Debbie Peetz, alto
Chorus: Tune your harps

Duet and Chorus: Hail, Judea! Happy land
Alex Berman, soprano; Cindy Gossman, soprano

Duet: Oh! Never bow we down
Francisco Robles, tenor; William Brown, bass
Chorus: We never will bow down

Chorus: Father of Heaven

Chorus: See the conquering here comes

Chorus: Sing unto God
Annette Reilly, alto; Andrew Scott, tenor

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