Stage Instructions

December 3rd, 2010

From Stage Manager Fred:
I have attached my instructions (.pdf) for the Bishop Ireton performance and Mark’s original riser diagram (.pdf). Although it seems complicated, we have fewer complications about leaving the stage and re entering from the other side for different opera choruses like the last time.

I believe that first impressions are important. That’s why going on and off the risers like professionals who have done this a million times works in our favor.

Our Schlesinger Center dress rehearsal on Tuesday and the performance on Thursday will be casual in comparison. We will sit in the front rows of the audience by section so that we can stream onto the risers with minimum confusion. The back row on the risers will be in the front of audience chairs and so on.

See you on Sunday at 1:55 in the hall. (Mark will have been rehearsing since 1:30.)
Please park along the back rows of the parking lot so our audience gets prime parking.

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