Riser Chart Arrangements

November 17th, 2010

From Stage Manager Fred:  Chorus:

We will stand for the entire performance, which will last over one hour. The dress rehearsal will last over 2 hours but you will be able to sit in place when soloists sing or the orchestra plays alone.

There is space on the floor in front of the risers for only 20 chairs for some soloists and those who cannot stand for an hour.

If you wish to be seated in a chair but are listed on the risers, please send an Email to me with your name and where you are now shown on the risers (for example B1 Fred – Row 3, #11).

Conversely, if you are shown as seated on the floor row but are capable of standing or would rather stand; please send me an Email with the same information. (We may be able to negotiate where soloists might stand vs sit in a chair.)

Just reply to this message and it will show up in my Email.

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