Optional Alto Rehearsals

November 9th, 2010

From Section Leader Debbie:  Ellie has suggested and offered to host VERDI rehearsals… See
below.   Please let me know your interest in participating by reply to: deborah_peetz [at] rand [dot] org

From Ellie:  Since we know most people don’t have standing commitments on Tuesdays, how’s about in December after chorus is over, I host Tuesday “Verdi” sectionals, to sing through the Requiem and get somewhat familiar with it?  People will already have the practice CD.  I could open that to sopranos, too, or even
anyone who wants to come; then maybe we’d have half a dozen folks show up.

Or, I could set them up for Mondays, and begin next week; if he keeps telling us which movements he’s going to work on we can anticipate them.

We have I think four class sessions left before the end of chorus, and the second performance of “Judas” is after the last one.

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