12th Rehearsal Preview

November 23rd, 2010

From Dr. Whitmire:  Dear Singers-

Welcome to our 12th rehearsal of Fall 2010!   Please sign in.

I could not have been more pleased and proud of you at Sunday night’s dress rehearsal. You were attentive, patient, and sang with a beautiful full tone in every section. Our soloists did a fabulous job.

Tonight– In addition to Judas, we’ll sing through Verdi Dies Irae first section and On with the snow.

Rehearsal with the band on Thursday night, December 2, 8-8:30 pm.

If you can, please plan to rehearse On with the snow with the band.

Music Majors– Final Exam is next Tuesday, November 30

Our next Rehearsal is next Tuesday, November 30

As you know, Judas Maccabaeus is going to be a wonderful concert. Bring your friends and family. Everyone will be glad it was a part of their of their holidays.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Sing Well-DrW

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