From Dr. Whitmire

November 14th, 2009

(11/13/09) Dear Singers- I am still amazed by the wonderful crowd that you brought to our October 27 Brahms Requiem concert. Dr. Ryland said there were 500! on a Tuesday night! In the rain! Amazing! As you can imagine, I want to do it again. Our partnership with the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic is a key element in our program, and it is built on our ability to generate an audience. We have a fantastic track record of doing just that, and I am counting on you to do it again.

I have an idea. I have printed small green invitation cards. Pick some up at rehearsal. Put as many in your coat pocket as you have friends, and when you see a friend tell them how much you hope they can come to the concert and give them a card. Be sure to write their name and yours on the card to make it personal. I’ll have some at NVCC tomorrow, [they will be] put them on the web as well.

Invitation Cards (.pdf)

This is just one idea, You guys can come up with even better ones. The important thing is that we get busy. There are many concerts in December, and we want our friends to come to ours.

Women’s Rehearsal tomorrow at 1:40 pm. Solo auditions to follow.


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