Black Folders

November 11th, 2009

From Fred: Our Rutter Gloria book is about 1 mm longer than a standard, 11.5 inch, 3-ring binder. You may use a standard 3-ring binder but be sure to center the 3 holes in your music book so that less than 1 mm appears above the top or below the bottom. You’ll need to visit Kinkos or other print shop to get those holes punched in your music.

Other folder options include a 14.5 inch, 3-ring binder ($10 at Staples); $25+ large chorus binder at Foxes; black cardboard binders with elastic straps for 2 or more books. We will be standing very tightly on risers at all 3 of our venues, so smaller is better if you will be on a riser.

Black folders are required at our dress rehearsal. Concert dress is not. Please use your black folder with both books in it at our next rehearsal to become accustomed to holding it.

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