Stage Instructions

October 22nd, 2009

From Stage Manager Fred

The Call will be 6:30 pm – one hour before the performance. (This is a change.)

-We will not form up in the lobby and file on stage with our usual precision.

-Instead, we will already be in our seats at 6:30 pm in concert dress and begin our rehearsal. Be early, not late.

-We’ll take a break at 7:15 or so while our audience takes their seats and return at 7:30.

-Please leave and enter the risers and the stage from your side – don’t cross to the other side.

-When you return to your seat, pick up your music, sit, smile at the audience and just be peaceful (don’t chat) until we begin.

When the concert is over, go down into the audience and greet your guests. You need not disappear into the wings and appear magically in the foyer as we usually do. This will be a memorable performance, so help them remember it.

We have exclusive use of the two large dressing rooms back stage. You may leave coats there but lock your purse or other valuables in your car. The stage left dressing room will be for men and the stage other for women. Chris and David Hagan may have the soloist room. I plan to put a sign on each rooms, but….

Ellie Briscoe sends the following very important parking instructions for your guests:

Guests: PLAN to arrive quite early for parking, like 7 pm. There is one and only one machine to pay for parking, in the ground-floor lobby, there won’t be someone taking their money, and it can’t process more than three or four people per minute,

You must know your parking space number in order to pay.

There is nothing to put on your dashboard so keep your receipt to show you paid.

Bring nice crisp clean one-dollar bills. Pay for two hours ($1 per hour we think).

See you there and this Saturday (at 1:40).

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