From Dr. Whitmire

September 3rd, 2009

(9/2/09) Dear Singers –

What had another excellent rehearsal we had last night. We continued to work on learning and improving our music reading skills, plus establishing a rhythm and pitch discipline that will lead to a clear, shimmering rendition of the Brahms Requiem. We will keep working with ‘lu-lu-lu’ for several weeks to learn to sing with an easy, focused, shimmering sound.

This week’s assignment: (1) Brahms Requiem Movements 3 and 4, (2) Worksheet 4

(1) With your Rehearsal CD and score, work on movements 3 and 4 every day.

1. Just listen as you follow along in the music (listening without the score is less helpful).

2. Sing through the movements (on ‘lu-lu-lu’)

Find the problems spots and begin to focus on them.

(2) Locate the passages of music in the worksheets on your Rehearsal CD. Practice singing the pitches and rhythms with the CD.

If everyone completes this week’s assignment, we will have another excellent rehearsal next week.

Yours – DrW

PS – As always, Kate Cantrell has done as incredible job with our webiste ( Check it out.

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