From Dr. Whitmire

August 28th, 2009

Dear Singers-

The Brahms Requiem (Bullock edition) is in the bookstore for pick-up. The price is around $20.

I have requested that the bookstore not mail any pre-ordered copies since thy might not arrive by Tuesday. Everyone must pick-up in person.

Question to DrW: Why have you selected a different edition than we used before?

Answer: The Bullock translation is widely considered the truest to the original German text. Its Preface will give an extensive explanation.

Question to DrW: Why are we singing in English?

Answer: Brahms wrote his Requiem not in Latin, but in the language his listeners could understand. We will sing in the language our listeners understand,

I regret that the Brahms Requiem (Bullock edition) is more expensive that some others (though not compared to may daughter’s $215.00 calculus book). I hope that your copy will get many years of use.

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