From Dr. Whitmire

February 24th, 2009

(2/23/09) Dear Singers –

* Tomorrow is to our 6th rehearsal of Spring 2009! We have only 2 Tuesday rehearsals before our March 22 Dress Rehearsal with the orchestra: 3/3, 3/17.

* Please note these changes in our Saturday schedule (posted 02/10): 3/7 women, 3/14 everyone SATB

* Choeur d’enfants – Thanks to all who auditioned. There will be a group of 12: Whitney, Carol P, Grace, Carol U, Debbie, Terri, Peggy, Shellie, Marty, Judy, Amanda, Lisa (I won’t use all the altos on the higher passages)

* As per the composer’s suggestion, the following sections will be sung by a small group of women: III 34 to the end; VIII 93-94; IX until 101

* The following sections may be sung by the Choeur d’enfants: I 4-5, 13-16; VII 75-78; It will depend on our ability to stay on pitch

* This Saturday at noon-men

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